Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

Here we are into the week of Thanksgiving with Christmas not far behind! Gosh, this year has just flown by. Years seem to go faster and faster the older you become. Of course this is going to be a busy week, so this will probably be my only blog entry of the week. Jeremy and the kids got to town last night. They are at his parents, but I will get the kids this afternoon..YAY! Sarah had to stay and work through Wednesday, bless her heart. She will drive down after work Wed. Bill and I will miss seeing her because we will head to Jackson Wed morning to help Sunny and Bud move and then go to Sydney's. We will have Thanksgiving dinner at Syd's and then head to DESTIN for a long weekend!! I am praying the weather forecast is wrong.. calling for rain on Friday and Saturday. I need some beach time!! I love to sit on the beach in the fall and winter and just read or sit and listen to the waves and take in the beauty of the world God created.

Christmas has probably always been my favorite holiday, but Thanksgiving would be a close second. When I was a little girl growing up we would go to my grandparents house in Mccomb with all of my aunts, uncles and cousins... and TONS of food. We would usually go on Thanksgiving Day and then get together again the Sunday before Christmas. Wonderful memories! After Bill and I married we usually spent Thanksgiving in Mendenhall with his family. Then at Christmas, his family would come to Natchez and we would all celebrate together at my parents. My girls were blessed to spend every Christmas growing up with both sets of grandparents. We never had to do the "this year is your year, next year will be your year" thing. I'm not sure I ever told my in-laws how much that meant to me, but I think they knew. We lost Bill's mom in 1993 and his dad in 1998, we miss them all the time, but especially at Christmas.

But.. back to Thanksgiving! My life is so very blessed! There are many,many things that I am thankful for. Among them are: Jesus and that thru Him I have eternal salvation, God's love, grace, mercy, faithfulness, provision, protection, His word and so much more, my wonderful husband of 34 years, our 3 beautiful daughters, our 3 wonderful son-in-laws, our 4,with another 1 one the way, amazing grandchildren, our health, my daddy, the wonderful memories of my mama the way she was, my sister and her family, my sister-in-law and her husband, and all of our extended family, all of the wonderful friends that God has brought into our lives who are now both near and far, and that no matter who the President of the USA is, we still live in a free country and God is the one in control!

I hope and pray that each of you have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends! Take some time to say out loud something that you are thankful to God for or do what we will, let each person write a note saying something they are thankful for and then read them all out! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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