Monday, November 17, 2008

Been a week since my last update.. a busy week. I went back to Sunny's last Thursday afternoon and helped she and Bud move into the temporary house. Thank God for good friends, they had 3 guys come help and we could have never made it without them. We got the last load unloaded at close to 11pm. During all this moving, Sunny's realtor had learned of a house going on the market that she thought Sunny and Bud would like. So on the day they moved to the temp house... they found their new home!! God does have a sense of humor! Anyway, the house is actually not far from their old house. It's not in a subdivision, it's on a street with large lots and not many houses. Their house is on 1.3 acres. It has woods in back and on one side.. Bud is thrilled. It's a great house for them and the best thing is they will close and get to move next week! Which,since Sunny called yesterday and informed me that the temp house has NO HEAT,is a really good thing. They do have a fireplace, thank the Lord! She said they were moving their bed into the den in front of the fire tonight.

Back to my busy week..Friday morning I got up and went back to the house they moved out of and completely cleaned it. Got done about 11, went back to the temp house, showered and got dressed just in time to meet Sarah, Will and Macy at Backyard Burgers. Tupelo played NW Rankin Friday night. Bill rode up later with Jeremy's parents. Turned out it poured down rain and with Macy's bad ears(she is getting tubes Dec. 1st) we didn't dare take her, so Sarah, Macy and I went to Newk's to eat and then back to the hotel. Poppa, NaeNae and Papaw took Will, but he was ready to leave at halftime so they brought him back to us. Unfortunately, Tupelo got beat and they are done for the year. We got up Saturday morning and headed to MackyDonalds for breakfast. Bill and I headed home and so did Sarah and the kids, Jeremy had to drive the bus back after the game.

Washed clothes and did house stuff Sat. afternoon and then watched Alabama beat MSU and then watched LSU's amazing comeback win on my computer. It was awesome!! GEAUX TIGERS!!

Sunday was a great day of worship at church. We have an amazing interim pastor, Jason Meyer. There is no doubt that God sent him to PBC at the right time! We are also blessed to have a wonderful interim Minister of Music, Lonnie Stewart!

To end the day yesterday on a great note, Skyler called to report he killed his first buck. He had killed a doe last year, but this was the real deal! He said it was an 8 point that weighed 175 lbs! Hopefully I will soon have a picture of it to put on here.

Well, I think that is about all of my news. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. I have GOT to get my house decorated for Christmas before we leave next Wednesday. We will go to Sydney's Wed night and then Thursday after lunch head to DESTIN for a long weekend!! I have the choir party here on Dec 7th... so house has to be done before I leave next week! I think I need to quit work... again!! Y'all have a great week!

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