Sunday, November 9, 2008


Got home from Sunny's this afternoon. We managed to get her house packed up and actually moved some stuff to the temporary house. Yes, they are going to have to move twice! Since their house sold they have looked at LOTS of houses, but have not found THE right one to fit their needs, budget and wants! Thank the Good Lord, Bud's boss has an empty house they can move into until they find their house. Now, do not get me wrong.... we are very thankful for this house and Bud's bosses generosity...but this is a house that has been sitting empty for over a year. We were supposed to get in Friday afternoon to clean and then start moving things Saturday. Well, the key to the house was lost. So, it was Saturday afternoon before we could get in. Okay.. so we go in knowing that some cleaning will have to be done....but.. just let me say when we got in I looked at Sunny and Bud and said," I think we should find y'all an apartment to move into for a few months!"......that didn't go over well, so we(me, Bill, Bud and Sunny) began the task of getting a least a few rooms livable. Let me remind you this is all happening Saturday afternoon when I had PLANNED to be on my couch watching the LSU -Bama game. I did manage to find a radio in the house to listen to the game on....back to the cleaning. The family who moved out of this house left TONS of their STUFF all over the first we had to move all of their stuff to two of the rooms that won't be used....then Bill started cleaning the kitchen... I began sweeping the cobwebs, spiders, and roaches from the floors and walls. I will spare you the rest of the details, but when we left there about 9 last night we had the kitchen, dining room, living room, den, master bed and bath ready to move into and I was WORN OUT! I had spent Thursday afternoon, night and all day Friday packing up Sunny's house. On top of all that I have acquired a cold and almost lost my voice. I have spent the afternoon in my bed and am now on the couch. Sunny and Bud were very thankful for our help and that make's it all worthwhile!! I thank God that we are able to help our children even now that they are is nice to be needed.


4 J's said...

What a good Mom you are! Your girls are lucky to have a Mom that loves them like you do! Miss you!

destinmimi said...

Thanks Jennifer! I always knew that God planned for me to be a mother...that's the only think I am good at!! LOL... We miss y'all too! Any plans for a trip down south?