Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekend fun

We have had a great weekend with everybody home. Everybody was here except for Tony who is in Wyoming on a big hunting trip with his dad, brothers and uncles.

Enjoyed watching the kids go trick or treating last night. After seeing some of the scary aspects of Halloween, Will has decided he does not like Halloween! Macy has grown so much in the last two months. She is saying so many more words and knows everything you say to her. She is still having ear infections and will see an E.N.T. next week. Skyler and Mylie had lots to tell everybody about our trip to Disney World. They were Mickey and Minnie last night. We celebrated November birthdays tonight, Sunny's is the 10th, Jessie's is the 15th and Will will be 4 on the 17th. I hit the jackpot with Will's gift... found him a Fisher Price pirate ship, he loves it!

Really looking forward to all of us being at church tomorrow. I love looking out from the choir and seeing all of them sitting there together! Bill is singing a solo tomorrow so it will be extra special. I am sure that I will be sad when they all head home tomorrow. My nest that has been so very full this weekend will go back to being empty. But, that is as it should be. It still just seems like they grew up and left the nest way too quickly! You young mothers and daddys enjoy every minute!!!

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Jolyne said...

What a cute picture!! You have some adorable grandchildren. I know you loved having them all home.