Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunny JoAnn Salters McGehee

27 years ago today God brought our beautiful third baby girl into the world. We were already blessed with Sydney who was not quite 4 and Sarah who was 19 months old. When Sunny was born we had no idea what her name would be. We really were not considering another "S" name... but then my mother said, " you have to name her something that starts with S or she will have a complex her whole life. So, for about 3 days, baby # 3 had no name. We discussed, Stephanie, Summer(Bill said No, I am not naming a child born in November, Summer) and finally agreed on Sunny. Of course God was in control and orchestrating our choice! Her name fits her perfectly! I cannot begin to tell you the joy and laughter "Sunny" has brought to us. She has had all of us in stitches laughing more times than I can possibly tell you. Her sense of humor was very evident when she was still very young. One night we were sending the girls to bed, Sunny was about 3 or 4, Syd and Sarah had already left the room and Sunny was going very slowly toward the door of our bedroom. Bill said," Sunny, go on to bed." She looked up at him and said "You see my feet walkin, don't ya?" We just about died laughing! There are so many quotes like that I could share!

The years have flown by and now our funny Sunny bunny is a grown married woman. It is such a blessing to see her married to a wonderful Christian man, teaching children at a great school, and being involved in her church. God has given her so many gifts and she uses them to glorify Him. It is a privilege to be her mother and I thank God that He chose me for that honor!!! are very loved!!!

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amber said...

How sweet! Mama and I were talking about how much Tasha loves Sunny...she jsut raves about her! We were talking about all 3 of your girls and how wonderful they and Mr Bill did a good job! :)