Friday, April 20, 2012

Wow... it's been almost 8 months since my last blog post.  Not really sure why... I just haven't taken the time to do it.  Feeling a little melancholy tonight and thought writing might help.  I am sure that most anybody that may be reading this knows that my dear mama finally went to heaven in November.  Bill and I were at Sarah's after one of Jeremy's games and my phone rang in the middle of the night.  I almost didn't answer it, thinking it was a wrong number, but I was in the room with two sleeping boys and I sure did not want them to wake up!!  It was a phone call I had been waiting a very long time to receive... years and years but somehow it wasn't as I expected.  The nurse said she had gone in to check on mama at 11pm and she was sleeping peacefully, when someone went back at 1am... she was gone.  I think I thought that there would be some kind of sign that it was about to happen and that I would be able to be there.  As it was I was two hours away and not able to go to the nursing home and be there when they came to pick up her body.  It was rather strange but when I think about it now I am sure that it was best and of course it was the way God planned it.  My mama... the one with the beautiful smile and the laughter that filled a room, the one who loved to cook and be surrounded by her family while she did, the one who taught me how to love people and enjoy life, the one who rocked my babies and bought them dolls, the one who loved my daddy so much that she defied her parents to marry him, the one who taught me about Jesus and right from wrong.... that mama had already been lost to me for a very long time.  I had prayed for God to take her home many, many times and that night I was so very thankful that He finally said's time Jessie Davis... come on home!!!  What a welcoming committee she had!!  My daddy, her parents, her brother, her mother and father in law, and so many other family members.... her dear friend Mary Frances and other dear friends, and the best of all JESUS!! Because of Him... the best part is... I will see her again... and she will be well and she will know who I am!!!  I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am.... that I know.. that I know .. that I know this is TRUTH!!! 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with our family and friends.  Then in February Sunny and Bud gave us the blessed news that our 7th grandbaby is on the way :) :) :)  We are so excited!!! The baby is due the first week in October and we are hoping to find out about the middle of May if Silas will get a baby brother or baby sister.  Mimi would love for him to have a baby sister but all I really care about is that the baby is healthy!! 

 Sarah and Jeremy are moving to Brookhaven which makes us so happy.  We can get there in 50 minutes!!! Jeremy will be the offensive coordinator at Brookhaven High School.  It's a great job and they already have good friends who live there.  Sydney and her family are doing good.  Skyler turned FOURTEEN at the end of March.  He is working on Friday and Saturday nights busing tables at a catfish restaurant close to their house... he likes making money!! 

 Bill just finished up his 3rd round of maintenance chemo.  One more to go in September!! Praise God his cancer remains in remission.  He is still having problems with pain in his legs, feet and hands and he think it probably neuropathy from the chemo drugs. We are trying a regimen of vitamins that have given some people relief.. please pray that will be the case!  We are headed to Destin next Thursday with a group of good friends to just enjoy a few days away.  I can't wait to sit on "my beach"...we are also looking forward to a fun summer with the kids!  We will be at Becky and Kevin's condo at Orange Beach for a week with all the kids in July.  Then we will go to Destin for our week with John, Edith, Kenny and Tamy in August.  I am SO very thankful for the many opportunities I have to go to the beach.. I KNOW that I am blessed!! 

Guess I will finish this up and go to bed... I think it was good therapy for me!!! Prayers and blessing to those who read this and to your families!!


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