Monday, July 27, 2009


I can FINALLY post this!!

July 3, 2009 My baby girl and her sweet husband drove to Natchez today just for a few hours. It seems that they had something to tell us that just had to be done it person. Yes, that's right, my baby is having a baby!!!!! Sunny and Bud are expecting their first child next spring. We are beyond thrilled!! She is just 4 weeks along and will not see her doctor for another 2 weeks. They do not want to share the news except with family until she sees Dr. Breland. So, I am blogging about the wonderful news but will not be able to post it for a couple of weeks. At least this way I feel like I am sharing our joy! Going though these next 8 months with Sunny is going to be so much fun. She has probably already called me 5 times since she left here this afternoon to ask me questions. "Mama, is it okay for me to eat a turkey sandwich from Newk's tonight?".... I totally expect to hear from her at least once every day, which is fine with me! She is nervous and anxious but completely trusting God in this new experience. Every time she told another family member her first words after the news were, "Please pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby! So, when you happen to think of it, pray for Sunny, Bud and our new blessing!

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tamodom said...

i know you are beyond excited! :) yay sunny! praying for you girl.