Sunday, July 19, 2009

Changed plans

Well....sometimes things just do not turn out as we plan them, do they? I guess God needs to remind us that He is the one in control and we are not. Last week was to be my week at the beach with my girls and grandbabies and then the guys were to join us at the end of the week for a few days. I went on down to Orange Beach on Saturday to have a couple of days by myself and to prepare for the kids to arrive. I wanted to get all the grocery shopping and some of the cooking done. Monday as the girls were driving down I got a call from Sunny saying that Pawpaw had called her and said that Aunt Becky's house was on fire. I had a feeling that something wasn't right and immediately called to check on things. The house was not on fire, thank God, and I thought well, daddy must have been asleep and was dreaming. Not long after this I received a call from daddy's OnCall Alert service saying he had pushed his button and they had dispatched an ambulance. Becky and Mattie got to his house and he seemed to be okay, but somewhat confused. The EMT's felt like he needed to go to the hospital to be checked out. They took him to Natchez Community Hospital where he had an xray and ct scan. Becky was told that he had had a stroke and had a brain bleed and they were sending him to UMC in Jackson. Bill was there by this time and after talking to him and to Becky it was decided for me to wait and see what the doctor's in Jackson said, especially since it was now after dark and the weather was bad in MS. So I stayed awake all night Monday night, back and forth on the phone with Mattie, Jessie, and Becky. Finally early Tuesday morning they told Becky they thought they culprit for daddy's confusion was a urinary tract infection and they were putting him on i v antibiotics. After hearing this and talking with Bill, Becky and the girls again, I decided to spend at least one day at the beach with the kids. Daddy knew who everybody was and the doctors fully expected him to respond to the antibiotic. I had a good day with the kids Tuesday, we played on the beach and in the water, we swam in the pool, we went out to eat at The Hangout and then Skyler and I hit the tennis ball some. We had planned to go see the Blue Angels practice Wednesday morning early, so Syd, Sunny, Skyler, Will and Mylie did that and it was awesome!! Of course all this time I was back and forth on the phone with Jessie or Becky. Bill had gone up Tuesday afternoon and spent the night with daddy in the hospital so Becky could get some rest. He said daddy was much better Tuesday night than he had been Monday afternoon. Wednesday morning Becky said that the social worker had told her that daddy was probably going to be there awhile and that he could not go back home to his house. Knowing that Becky needed help, I needed to see daddy, and we had decisions to make I had decided to head to Jackson after seeing the Blue Angels Wed. morning. I got to Jackson around 5:30 and daddy was asleep when I got in his room. I sat on the foot of his bed and talked with Becky and when he woke up and saw me his face lit up! He was 100% better and the doctors had told Becky after reading his MRI that he had not had a stroke and that the UTI had caused the confusion and that he would be released on Thursday. We had already been in the process of getting him into the Magnolia House and were able to speed the process up. So we left Jackson with him Thursday afternoon and took him straight to his new "home." He has been doing really good, eating well and saying how good the food is, socializing with people, etc... we are very pleased. Today he has not quite been so good, he is very weak, to the point that they had to feed him his lunch, and very sleepy. He knows us but is saying some things that do not make sense. Becky and I are wondering if he is having mini strokes, but the MRI in Jackson did not show that. Please just keep him and us in your prayers. We so want him to be able to enjoy life until the very end, whenever that may be, and not be down sick and having to be totally dependant on others for his care. Hoping all is well in all of your worlds! Enjoy a few picts from the beach!

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The Mayer Family said...

Mrs. Martha, I'll be praying for your sweet dad and your family. Your babies are BEAUTIFUL!! Take care!