Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We had a wild night last night! We had a house full of people for a Sunday school Christmas party and had been having a great time.... eating, laughing and enjoying being together. We all knew that the weather was supposed to get bad but we were not ready for what happened. All of a sudden we heard this huge noise...weren't sure if it was rain or wind...we looked out the door and the wind was unbelievable!!! Then it started raining very hard. We went to our front porch and I heard the "Freight train" sound... had never heard that before. Whoever "they" are, are saying there was no confirmed tornado... I got news for them.. I will be glad to confirm it! Two doors down Glenn Mizell's patio cover was ripped from the house, blew over it and into Jeff Davis Blvd hitting Mike and Louan Peavy's car.. they were at the party at my house. Espero Dr looks like a war zone there are so many trees down.. Robert and Arlene Marler's house suffered extensive damage...the church also has extensive damage. Part of the steeple blew off and part of the Fellowship Hall roof too. I am going to try to add some pictures on here. We are very blessed that as far as we know no one was hurt. That is a miracle!! And now.. "they" say it's going to snow... I will believe that when I see it!!

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amber said...

That is so scary! We had a really bad tornado here last March and we were all home scared to death! I know that is such an inconvience, but I am glad that yall are alright!