Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a week!

I am so thankful that today is the beginning of a brand new week and glad to put last week in the past! Keeping two dogs for an entire week when you have not had a pet for several years is not a great idea. Sunny and Bud left a week ago yesterday on a cruise to celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary and Bill and I, who by the way have no special plans as of yet to celebrate our 35th anniversary in August(what is wrong with this picture?), kept Callie and Cuddles for them. Actually I should say that I kept them... Bill didn't really do anything with them or for them! Sunny and Bud do not have any children yet, so the dogs are absolutely spoiled rotten, of course they sleep in the bed with them. So, the first couple of nights, Cuddles, Callie and I, slept, I use that word loosely, in one of our extra bedrooms. Callie woke me up every night anywhere around 2,3 or 4 am...I was a walking zombie. On the third night I was awakened by something cold and wet... Callie had wet the bed!!! Needless to say she did not sleep with Cuddles and I the rest of the week! The week rocked along and we got to Friday...last day before we took them back to meet their parents Saturday morning. The weather was so nice that I decided Friday afternoon to finally give the flower beds in my back yard some attention. I was so proud of myself!! I was sitting on a small stool and just working along when I turned around and saw something in Callie's mouth. I quickly realized that my cell phone was missing from the place on the stool beside me where I had laid it. I had taken the phone out with me in case daddy tried to call me. I jumped up and ran over to retrieve the phone hoping that she had just picked it up and that it would not be harmed. No such luck! She took off running several feet before finally dropping my phone. Now, this was not my old razor phone that I have had for several years. Oh no! Just 3 weeks ago I had made the big leap and gotten me a nice Blackberry curve. Thank goodness I did purchase insurance! However, the deductible is $150.00. So, my $450 phone, that I got for $200 since I signed a 2 year contract, is going to end up costing me $350.00! The week did end wonderfully.. we met Sunny and Bud in Brookhaven yesterday morning and gave the dogs back!!! YAY!! And then we drove over to Mendenhall and spent the day with Sydney, Tony, Skyler and Mylie. Mylie had her first dance recital and we were so glad to get to be there. She did great and looked beautiful! So, today we began a new week and I for one am glad it is not last week!!

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Jolyne said...

Oh...Mylie is absolutely beautiful. I'm kind of partial to ballerinas anyways. Your dog experience sounds more like a nightmare. I guess you can look back at this one day and laugh!!