Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring and just rambling...

I am loving this beautiful spring weather! We have had so much rain and cold the last few days that I was about to go crazy. Now the only problem is that I am stuck inside my office today and tomorrow..:(

Have had "kids" at home since last Friday. Sunny came in Friday with two of her friends and my two granddogs. They did some touring Saturday and went to the Pageant that night. We enjoyed having them here! They left Sunday afternoon and about an hour later Sydney came in with Skyler and Mylie! The kids had dentist appointments Monday afternoon, which by the way were great.. no tears and no cavities!! Mylie was in the Little Maypole Monday night and was so precious! Will and Jeremy also got to town Sunday afternoon. Will spent Sunday night with us and had a blast playing with Skyler and Mylie. They are all gone back home now, but all(minus Sunny & Bud) of them will be here the last weekend in March to celebrate Skyler's 11th birthday and Sarah's 29th birthday. Pilgrimage seems to be going better than we thought it might. Lots of people intown and we are very grateful!! My friend John Moody is bring a group from his church in TX today. They will be here from this afternoon until Friday. Looking forward to seeing he and his wife, Beckie. Well.. this is a really random post, but at least I am posting!! Going to post some picts of Mylie in the Little Maypole!

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